Wednesday, 16 May 2012

In & Out

Here we go with yet anothe in and out that I so much love! let's waste no more words and jump into in!


-Sephora in my city finally getting redone! may 24th there will be the grand re-opening with the introduction of new brands such as OPI, Urban Decay, Essie and the whole line of Makeup Forever! I can't wait!!!

-Made in Chelsea, this is a british kind of "reality" tv show that at first didn't quite appeal to me but this latest season is fantastic! can't wait for next monday's episode!

-Getting a interview for an internship for Calvin Klein! fingers crossed i'll get it!!

-Lace dresses! I know this has been a popular trend going round a lot in the past year but I've never really fell in love with it until I saw this amazing's a Love Christina lace minidress...

-Liz Earle new makeup line! Can't wait to get it in the mail! I'm sooo excited about it!! I adore Liz Earle skincare line and the whole concept that it's based on! Check this fantastic brithish brand out if you don't know it already.


-Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl being done fore this season! It feels like it went by sooo fast!

-Finals, I have only a few weeks left for studying and then I'll be super busy with exams, but I quite enjoy the pressure... don't know why, must be a strange form of masochism

-snow! it hasn't snowed during winter and now it is... I mean come on! I need some sun!

And that's it for this monts! hope you enjoyed reading! 


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