Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dr Hauschka lavander bath & lavander sandalwood body moisturizer

These two products have been amazing at taking care of my skin in these past couple of months, the lavender bath is a fantastic oil that you put in the bath tub and makes the whole bathroom smell like lavender lifting your mood, and deeply relaxing the whole body. I notice a great difference from when I put this oil in the water and when I don't, the skin feels softer and doesn't need as much moisturizing as it did before and even my nails and cuticles look and feel nicer.

The lavender and sandalwood body moisturizer is very simple but effective : "this body moisturizer features the smooth, comforting scent of lavender complemented by a warm note of sandalwood. Extracts of lemon balm and wood sorrel balance and renew, while fine oils of macadamia nut, apricot kernel and avocado support and fortify the skin’s protective barrier." as the package says. The thing I love the most about this body misturizer is the smell that lingers on the skin the hole day and helps remain relaxed and peaceful. After a week of applying this my skin felt as soft as silk.
I love this little combo and feel like a goddess when using these products together!

which products make you feel extra special and relax? I'd love to know!


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