Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Bioderma Sebium Mat Moisturizer

Hi lovely people! As of recently europe has been hit by so many heat waves that I've lost track, and the weather has been nice and sunny but waaay too hot! So I was in desperate need of a new lightweight moisturiser that helped keep my skin looking nice and a bit more mat throughout the day.

sorry about the glue on the moisturizer but seriousely nothing took it off!
My skin is combination/oily and tends to get quite dry incertain areas like  my chin (go figure...) and more oily around my nose so I need something that provides moisture but that at the same time is very lightweight and absorbs quickly, without leaving any residuses sitting on top of the skin.

For all those reason I was drawn toward this moisturizer and I think I've found a winner! It is extremely lightweight, even though it still a creamy formunla, it absorbs really quickly and helps keep shine under control. Once applied it does feel like it has a more mat finish but it does not leave that wierd gummy/powdery sensation that I've experienced with other products that aim at mattifying the skin. If you wanted to go for a seriousely mat look you'd definitely need to powder, but if oyu like me don't mind a bit of dewiness at the end of the day I think you'll be positively impressed by this one!

It has parfume in it but so far it hasn't given me any probems with breakouts and such (I've been using it for a bit more that two weeks).

hope this was helpful! let me know what your favourite moisturizers for summer are!


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