Thursday, 23 August 2012

WING Paris bracelet

Hi girls! today I'm writing about a brand that I've recently discovered and imeditely fallen in love with it: Wing Paris. The designer is a girl from Hong Kong: jenny Chang who moved to Paris to study fashion and then started her own jewellery line, and I think you can see she is a multi cultural designer from her collections so well! I bought this at Bianco (review here) which a concept store that has many nice different pieces mostly from France.

When I bought this bracelet I must admit it was supposed to be a present but I kept it because I liked it too much... ups! It's made of silver, plated with gold, and silk so it will last forever without making my wrist turn green! Another thing that I really like is the fact that every single bracelet is handmade and a unique piece so you'll never find anyone wearing the exact same one. When the lovely girl at Bianco told me that it had a magnetic "safety chain" kind of thing I was sold, because most mornings there will be no one around to go and ask to close my bracelet.

When I wear this I don't feel the need of wearing any other jewellery! It's so nice and sophisticated with a little colourful twist perfect for the summer months! It retail at 100 euros wich for silver and gold I find is a pretty good price. Are you familiar with this brand? Are you liking any bracelets/trends lately?

have a nice day! 


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