Sunday, 19 August 2012

Sister's Face of the night!

When I arrived home tonight I saw my sister's makeup and I just went wow! can I take a picture? I think this is such a nice summery makeup that just makes brown eyes pop! She's always been the more creative / over the top girl in the family and she likes makeup about as much as I do, and she loves experimenting with bright colours which I find so amazing. I think she does it quite well too!

Here is a quick rundown of the products she used to create this look.

-Kiko eyeshadow in the shade 107 pearly meadow green, I love these eyeshadow, It's very pigmentes and the gold shimmer makes it perfect for summer and gives a nice light to the eyes. This normally retails at 4.90 euros but now it's on sale for 3 and I thik it's great value for money.

-Collistar eyeliner, this eyeliner is not the easiest to use because it has one of those really fine applicators but once you get the hang of it (saes my siste) it's really quick and easy. I think the picture show really well how vibrant this colour is and how nice is goes with brown eyes.

-FfrontCover Chunky eye pencil, this was part of a pencil + polish box and I included the nail polishes in a preview post because they're really nice!

-Prestige Soft Blend Kohl Eyeliner , I've seen my sister use this a million thime and looks good smudged on the wateline or used all over the lid and blended out to create a smokey effect. (I might have accidentaly used it a couple times and I really like the texture of this pencil not too soft but still easy to smudge)

-A touch of black akjal on the waterline, she used the Lancome one but any black kajal will do

-to finish off a few nice coats of mascara, she currently uses the Maybelline volume express.

here it is! hope you find it helpful or interesting!


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