Friday, 10 August 2012

Max Factor False Lash Effec

As I mentioned before mascara is my "can't live without" beauty product, I could go out with mothing on y face, nothing on my lips but mascara is the one thing that makes a world of difference, and when it comes to it I'm a bit of a shop around, always looking for the next great thing. Sometimes though is nice to go back to an old favourite, where I know what to expect.

A bit of history here for you... I first discovered this mascara back when I was iving in the USA and Covergirl first launched it and I fell in love with it (I was 17 then and I had only started using makeup a year before), when I moved back I had to word quite hard to discover that Max Factor is basically the european version of Covergirl and I repurchased it, and for a year after I had only ever used it. After a year I started a real mascara journey trying a few Lancome's a few L'Oral's but every time I come back to this I am just as pleasently surprised in rediscovering all of its greatness.

What's so good about this mascara then? First of all it doesn't budge or smudge ever! I wear it when I go clubbing and a lot of dancing and swetting (eww I know...) is involved and it never gives me a reason to complain. Second of all it is seriousely buildable and it will not go clumpy, in fact the formula is quite wet and it allows you to apply several coats befor drying. But the best thing about it is that gives seriouse volume and gives the illusion of a set of extra lashes (hens the false lash effect). I even preferre it to the Fushion mascara from Max Factor because I fint the False lasch effect to have a better applicator.

A few words about the applicator need to be said. It is one of those plastic wands with a lot of not too short bristles that apply quite a lot of product for each coat.

As you can tell I'm a big enthusiastof this mascara and I think for 10 euros is the best mascara on the market! And definitely worth a try!

hope you're all hanig a great friday night! 


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