Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Clinique superbalanced foundation

 Summer summer summer... I know it's basically everyone's favourite season but mine... and that's because I don't like the heat and humidity summer brings along. During these summery wonderful days my skin just goes crazy, it does not become too oily compared to its usual oiliness but it breakes out a lot lot lot more, and I think it's due to me wearing sunscreen everyday but no matter which one I use the resul doesn't change.. (so if you have any suggestion on good sunscreen for acne prone skin PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I'm in desperate need!) anyways... whenever I need to look nice and extra polished and put together my go to foundation is the Clinique Superbalanced! I own the shade Vanille which is quite dark but I only use this foundation during summer when I have a bit of a tan on.

I find Clinique foundatio  always a reassuring choice because over time I've come to know and love this brand, and I just find all of their product do what they claim to, or at least in my experience.
This particular foundation is 100% oil free and fragrance free which is always a good thig for all of us out there suffering from acne or breakouts in general. The idea behind this product is that it'll provide moisture where its needed and absorb excess oil from the t-zone keeping your skin "superbalanced". I think it needs still a bit of help with some powder but if your skin is mainly combination/normal rather than combination/oily I think this is not even going to need a powder. I like the fact that it's easily buildable and that I can either apply it with my hands for extra light coverage or appy it with a more dense brush (I actually use a kabuki) for a full but still natural looking skin. The lasting power is not the best in the world I'd say a max of 4 hours is what you get with it. Id you're looking for a good summer foundation definitely look into this one and try it out!

hope you're all having a freat day!

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