Monday, 2 January 2012

Guerlain Terracotta 4 Seasons!

New year and new bronzer! I received this amazing gift over Christmas (I would not spend that much on a bronzer honestly) but nevertheless I always wanted to try it! Guerlain is known all around the world for his high end luxurious bronzers and make up in general, but mostly for its perfumes! In fact I’ve recently discovered that Guerlain was born as a perfume house in 1828, and just started to explore the make-up world in the 1980s! (a bit of history right there…)

Let’s talk about the actual product, shall we?

First of all I adore the packaging, so sleek and thoughtfully designed with a “3D effect” on the top where you can see the Guerlain “G” showing through, depending on how the light hits the case, just gorgeous!

This is shade n.2 for brunettes. It has, as you can see, 4 different shades in that can be mixed in order to create the perfect sunkissed look, allowing you to transition from season to season using the same bronzer. 

It has a matte, but at the same time luminous effect thanks to the pure gold particles that it contains. I have to say I was surprised, the first time I wore it, by how long it lasted on the skin, I applied it in the morning and just did a quick touch up before going out in the evening, that’s all I needed! On I daily basis I just pop some on in the morning and I’m good the whole day!

I swatched the 4 shades on my fingers, because I believe the colours change a bit on the skin. At this time of the year I use only the two lighter colours, and sometimes the third colour (ring finger) if I want to contour a bit more! I think it’s a great gift to receive for any make-up lover!

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