Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Make up for ever HD loose powder

Let's powder! That's the key word in my makeup routine since the san has come out in northern Italy, and my skin is starting to get a bit oiler throughout the day (yesterday it was 30°C and 200% humidity). Therefore I started using this in the morning to keep my makeup in place the whole day and I'm glad I purchased this product. 

This loose powder is 100% translucent and does not have an uber matt effect, it helps keepins shine at bay while letting the skin look luminous. It's also one of the finest powders I've ever seen, making it good for all skin types (al least that's what the lady told me!). I like the fact that it's talc free allowing the skin to breath and does not clog pores. I love how my skin feels after I've applied this powder, very velvetty and soft!

are there any loose powders you like better? have you tried this one? I'd love to know! :)


Monday, 28 May 2012

Favourite Spring nail polishes!

In the last two days the weather has finally started to be a bit nicer warmer and more like may and less like october, FINALLY! and with the sun out I like my nails to be painted with brighter and here are some of my favourites polished...

left to right we have:

- Cose di Donna liliac nailpolish, it's a really cheap polish that needs 3 coats to look it's best nut neautiful during this season the colour is very soft and even if my hands are absolutely white it looks fantastic!

-L'Oreal color riche in the shade 607 rue monmatre, a beautiful deep purple with a hint of blue in it, it's easy to apply and dries quickly without needing a top coat, looks very shiny and I like it for the evenings and the not so sunny days.

-Frontcover polishes... I really like this shade which apparentely had no name! It came in a nice set with 3 more polishes and four eye pencils, and all of the products are actually really good quality for the money.

-two Sephora nail polishes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these polishes, they are the longest lasting polishes in the world the colour are amazing and I want to own every single shade! the only downside is that they kind of stain my nail yellow if I don't use a good base coat. The colour son't have a name or number, sorry.

There you have them my favourite spring nail polishes!

hope you enjoyed this post!


Sunday, 27 May 2012

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua compact foundation review

After lusting after this foundation for a looong time, it's finally part of my makeup stash! And I'm really pleased I recived it as a present from my aunty (she spoils me a lot I have to say!)

Let's start with the facts, this is a compact oil free foundation (big smile), that has hydrating properties and offers a light but buildable coverage and SPF 15 PA++, you get 12 grams for about 50€. I love the fact that it's oil free because having acne prone skin I tend to stay away from oily foundation (and scented too..)

I own the shade beige rosè 22, which I was unsure about at first because I never thought I had pink undertones but apparently I do and this foundation is a perfect match. I was surprised that this foundation does not have the shade B20 here in Italy because it's the most popular one in my opinion and the one most my friends and I go for when we buy chanel foundation, but a hint of pink brightens up the complexion overall much better that the b20 does, therefore I think I'll stick with pink undertones foundations in the future! 

I apply it using a foundation brush because I'm not a fan of the combination "sponge-compact foundation", even though I use the beauty blender when I apply liquin faoundation. The finish I get is really nice and smooth, after applying it I blend it a bit more into the skin with my hands. Once it sets it looks like nothing and feel like nothing on the skin, its lasting power is pretty good I'd say 6-8 hours and then it needs a bit of touching up. 

Overall I think it's a beautiful foundation, not drying on the skin, nicely pigmented, in fact I've been using it for two weeks now and look how little I needed tho do my whole face and a little bit of concealing! 

so what do you think of this new baby in the Chanel's foundation family? have you tried it?


Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Mum's new finds: Estee Lauder

As mother's day has now gone and my mum did not recive the anti-aging creme she so deserately needed decided to go out and treat herself to a new serum and moisturizer! When i got home I couldn't help myself and snapped a few pics! Her "weak spot" is the chin and neck area that has lost a bit of tone throughout the years. Estee Lauder Re-Nutrive ultimate lift for neck and chest is specially formulated to address that problematic and make the neck firmer and the skin tighter; combined with the wrinkle lifting serum Perfectionist CP+ is supposed to be the ultimate weapon! I've decided to take a picture every day of my mum's neck for two weeks and then update you all! so if you or your mum struggles to find an effective anti wrinkle creme I'll let you know if this is HG or not!

So far (two days in) the skin looks much better and feels more velvetty and soft, but I'm curiouse to see in two weeks time if the results will be surprisingly good or just ok...

bis bald!


Monday, 21 May 2012

Outfit of the day... a very rainy day!

I like watching and reading what other bloggers are wearing but I seem to never get around to do some myself, so here I am sharing what I wore today, the rainiest day I've ever seen considering it's may!

Starting from the top, I'm wearing a striped pashmina
Pinko Trench Coat
Relish grey skinny jeans
Burberry wellies

Here is a picture I took and just tought looked so pretty:

Hope you all had a great monday! I had a really good one with exciting news!! (post coming soon)


Saturday, 19 May 2012

Avenè soothing moisture masque

Hello girls! I know what you're all thinking... another Avenè product...I can't be helped! but it's really worth a review.

Since the weather has been really all over the place these past months so has my skin, it's really unbalanced and I have a few dry patches on my chin and a few more breakout, while my nose is more shiny than usual while my forehead has some dry days mixed with oily ones, so as you'd imagine a complete mess! So I decided that my skincare routine needed some sort of change and I picked up this Soothing moisture mask, rich in thermal water form the avene springs (as all the Avenè prducts). This mask has been amazing at pluping the skin while deeply hydrating it, I use it as an overnight treatment. I applyt it in the evening after cleansing the skin and in the morning my skin has aborbed it. When I firs used it I could already tell a difference, those fine lines that bother me so much on my forehead were gone, my skin felt as soft as silk and so compact and lumionous! This has become one of my "can't live without" product. I use it once or twice a week depending on how my skin feels, I find that whenever I use it at night the day after my skin is less oily and makeup goes on smoother.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

In & Out

Here we go with yet anothe in and out that I so much love! let's waste no more words and jump into in!


-Sephora in my city finally getting redone! may 24th there will be the grand re-opening with the introduction of new brands such as OPI, Urban Decay, Essie and the whole line of Makeup Forever! I can't wait!!!

-Made in Chelsea, this is a british kind of "reality" tv show that at first didn't quite appeal to me but this latest season is fantastic! can't wait for next monday's episode!

-Getting a interview for an internship for Calvin Klein! fingers crossed i'll get it!!

-Lace dresses! I know this has been a popular trend going round a lot in the past year but I've never really fell in love with it until I saw this amazing's a Love Christina lace minidress...

-Liz Earle new makeup line! Can't wait to get it in the mail! I'm sooo excited about it!! I adore Liz Earle skincare line and the whole concept that it's based on! Check this fantastic brithish brand out if you don't know it already.


-Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl being done fore this season! It feels like it went by sooo fast!

-Finals, I have only a few weeks left for studying and then I'll be super busy with exams, but I quite enjoy the pressure... don't know why, must be a strange form of masochism

-snow! it hasn't snowed during winter and now it is... I mean come on! I need some sun!

And that's it for this monts! hope you enjoyed reading! 


Wednesday, 9 May 2012

May outfit

Spring in in and I must say the weather doesn't feel quite warm yet! Rain and wind are forcing me to still wear my trench! Even though I wish it was warmer I've been enjoying layering warmer clother with much lighter ones! Here is what I'g go for in a casual day at uni!

May outfit

Burberry trench jacket, or actually any trench will do, I hace a Pinko one that I absolutely love!
Jacob Cohen skinny leg jeans, I adore skinny jeans, and Relish in another good brand to check ouy!
Dieppa restrepo shoes, I am obsessed with this style of shoes! love it for a dayly use when I can't possibly wear high heels!
Chloé shoulder handbag, how cute is this little preciouse thing? I love chloè designes!
Nina Ricci floral scarve, I love soft silk scarves for this season because they can keep quite warm but be very airy and light at the same time!
A nice white t-shirt is always good in any occasion! Even better is it has some details added in!

hope you like this outfit too !


Sunday, 6 May 2012

Dr Hauschka lavander bath & lavander sandalwood body moisturizer

These two products have been amazing at taking care of my skin in these past couple of months, the lavender bath is a fantastic oil that you put in the bath tub and makes the whole bathroom smell like lavender lifting your mood, and deeply relaxing the whole body. I notice a great difference from when I put this oil in the water and when I don't, the skin feels softer and doesn't need as much moisturizing as it did before and even my nails and cuticles look and feel nicer.

The lavender and sandalwood body moisturizer is very simple but effective : "this body moisturizer features the smooth, comforting scent of lavender complemented by a warm note of sandalwood. Extracts of lemon balm and wood sorrel balance and renew, while fine oils of macadamia nut, apricot kernel and avocado support and fortify the skin’s protective barrier." as the package says. The thing I love the most about this body misturizer is the smell that lingers on the skin the hole day and helps remain relaxed and peaceful. After a week of applying this my skin felt as soft as silk.
I love this little combo and feel like a goddess when using these products together!

which products make you feel extra special and relax? I'd love to know!


Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Finally Lush has opened in my city!

And I caouldn't be happier since the closest Lush store I could go to was the one in Venice, which isn't exactly around the corner. I went there on the very day they opened and it was crazy busy, but I still managed to get a couple of things...

-Lemony Flutter Cuticle Butter
- Cosmetic Warrior Fresh Facemask

The lemony flutter cuticle butter is a very thick and reach cream that is meant to heal and sooth chappped and very dry skin, I use it on my hands like a normal hand cream and this little miracle maker helps with my eczema like nothig else (maybe only cortisone). The only negative note is that they add perfume to the formula and I tend not to like things with perfumes added (specialy face pproducts though)

Cosmetic warrior fresh face mask is a garlic and tea tree oil based mask, "This is the front line of defence for spot-prone skin".
This mask is really good in preventing pores from clogging and healing existing spots, so far I like it and I've started noticing a difference in my skin after two applications. Being fresh this product is meant to be kept in the refrigerator and to be used within 3 weeks from the purchase.

The consistency is nice, creamy with little chunks of garlic here and there. Garlic and tea tree oil are known for their antiseptic proprties, while green grapes hel cool and calm down the skin. Other ingredients in the mask are fresh eggs to help tighten skin and honey which is an amazing help for acne prone skin, helping it remain soft. Kaolin (or clay) help detox the skin. Every 5 pots you bring back you'll get one free!

I'm really pleased with my purchases and can't wait to try more Lush products! Any suggestions? Let me know! :)

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