Sunday, 27 May 2012

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua compact foundation review

After lusting after this foundation for a looong time, it's finally part of my makeup stash! And I'm really pleased I recived it as a present from my aunty (she spoils me a lot I have to say!)

Let's start with the facts, this is a compact oil free foundation (big smile), that has hydrating properties and offers a light but buildable coverage and SPF 15 PA++, you get 12 grams for about 50€. I love the fact that it's oil free because having acne prone skin I tend to stay away from oily foundation (and scented too..)

I own the shade beige rosè 22, which I was unsure about at first because I never thought I had pink undertones but apparently I do and this foundation is a perfect match. I was surprised that this foundation does not have the shade B20 here in Italy because it's the most popular one in my opinion and the one most my friends and I go for when we buy chanel foundation, but a hint of pink brightens up the complexion overall much better that the b20 does, therefore I think I'll stick with pink undertones foundations in the future! 

I apply it using a foundation brush because I'm not a fan of the combination "sponge-compact foundation", even though I use the beauty blender when I apply liquin faoundation. The finish I get is really nice and smooth, after applying it I blend it a bit more into the skin with my hands. Once it sets it looks like nothing and feel like nothing on the skin, its lasting power is pretty good I'd say 6-8 hours and then it needs a bit of touching up. 

Overall I think it's a beautiful foundation, not drying on the skin, nicely pigmented, in fact I've been using it for two weeks now and look how little I needed tho do my whole face and a little bit of concealing! 

so what do you think of this new baby in the Chanel's foundation family? have you tried it?



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