Friday, 13 January 2012

Max Factor Colour Collections

This morning I was downtown waiting for my mom, when I saw that a store was shutting down and had a 50% discount on everything! (In the store all the make-up was thrown into baskets and there were no testers, or similar to actually look at the product inside, it was a bit of a "blind shopping session") Anyways, I rushed in and grabbed a few things, among which there are 3 surprisingly good lipsticks!

As I love Max Factor as a brand but never tried any of their lipsticks, I decided it was a good time to give them a try! The only ones left were from the Colour Collections range. The shades I bought shade number 853 Chilli, 839 Maple, 21 Pearl Orange.

The colours have a little shimmer in, but it's quite subtle, the formula is not drying and feels smooth and light on the lips. I put Chilli on right after lunch, before going out, and when I got home around 6 pm the lipstick was still on and that's a big plus for me, because long lasting products are my cup of tea since I'm always on the go... I find all of these shades very wearable and good for both daytime and night time, although I find that Pearl Orange better for summer/spring time rather than winter.
I definitely want to try more shades from this range and other Max Factor's lipsticks ranges!

Have you ever tried this range before? I would love to know which shades you like or don't like!

Have a great weekend!!


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