Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Benefit They're real mascara

I've finally used up my hypnose doll eyes mascara, and I went into Sephora to buy the hypnose drama, but it was out of stock (really???) But sometimes things happen for a reason! And I decided to buy Benefit's They're Real instead, because it claimed to give volume, lift, length, all that a girl wishes a mascara would do! So even though I thought 22 euros is a bit expensive I was curious to try it out. It's actually the first ever Benefit product I buy/own. I will admit I am really impressed by this mascara!! I like the fact that one coat is enough to achieve a good intense volumised look! I would not say this is a buildable mascara, I tried to do 2 coats, just because I wanted to see how the product would go on after one coat and it got really clampy and not really good looking at all. On the other hand the fact that I only need one coat and the wand's design makes the application pretty effortless is a huge plus for me since I'm always rushing to get out in time in the morning!

Here is one coat:

As you can see it really gets every single lash and gives them a good lift and curl but has a tendency to clamp, but overall I really like this mascara! Definitely a "day time mascara" since the final look is not too dramatic.

hope you found this quick review helpful!


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