Friday, 27 January 2012

Acne tips

Skin has always been well... I don't really know how to put it but... I 've always had spots, and when I say spots I mean acne… cystic acne...but there are a few simple tricks that I've learnt in the process of dealing with my skin problems that really make a massive difference in the way yor skin behaves and looks, I promise!! (FYI I've been dealing with acne for almost a decade now)

Here we go:

- Drink a lot of water,  2/2.5 liters per day are enough. Drinking water helps eliminate toxins and if you have oily skin it helps making it less oily, and I can vouch for that!
- Have a healthy diet, I know that Nutella and greasy food break me out like nothing else, so I allow myself to have some only every once in a while. You need to know yourself  and how you react to certain foods.
- Don’t cover your skin with make-up! Let it breath and don’t keep on touching it, this will help the scars left and the spots heal faster, while you don’t spread the bacteria around with the foundation brush/sponge
- Don’t  wash your face too often! Twice a day is enough, otherwise you risk to irritate and strip the skin lipids and that will stimulate your skin to produce oven more oil.
- Use gentle face cleansers and balancing products that have soothing properties, stay away from any kind of fragranced skincare items!
- Go to a dermatologist! The opinion of an expert is always a good idea if you suffer of serious acne.
- Clay and aspirin are life savers!! See my post on clay and aspirin mask here
- Exfoliate! This is key to preventing pores from clogging ,  but be careful not to go crazy with it, exfoliate twice a week with a GENTLE scrub, washing you face in circular motion applying almost no pressure on the skin.
- Be "religious" with your routine! Being constant is the only way to see results!
- Be patient, real results will take time to show!
- Remember you are beautiful anyways, and don’t ever let acne make you feel insecure, if people cannot see beyond your appearances they’re probably not worth having in your life!!

This picture has not been edited, this is how my skin looks, as you can see it's a bit oily and has a few acne marks

Cheer up my friends there are worse things than acne, and it can be cured and kept under control! JI know this post is sooooo long, but it’s a subject I feel really close to my heart and couldn’t make it any shorter!!


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