Thursday, 5 January 2012

2011 favoutrites -HAIR-

I've decided to do a little thinking and go through all the stuff I've used in 2011 and see what really stood out to me, and I quite wide variety of stuff popped in my mind but just a few left a remarkable sign in my mind! I've decided to divide the products into three categories: hair, make up, skin, and do one post for each category. We're starting off with hair!

    L’ Exclusive professional neutral shampoo, delicate action, with eucalyptus extract
Has gently rebalanced my scalp leaving my hair looking shiny, soft and hydrated. Since using this shampoo I had perfectly clean hair for two to three days, while before on the second day a ponytail was mandatory. This shampoo is made in my city and sold here and I am not sure where else you can find it.

I use it every time I was my hair only on the ends, and my sister and I have noticed a dramatic change in the softness of the hair after only one application, plus our hair have significantly less split ends since using this mask.

It’s a bi-phase milk that protects the hair from the heat of the hairdryer, while I find it help with frizzy hair. This make the hair so soft, silky, easy to style, and doesn’t leave any residues on at all! Sometimes I use it on dry hair too, if I feel it needs a bit more moisture put in quick.

I'm sorry that all of these products are made in Italy and probably hard to get in other countries, but if you happen to come visit or live here these products are really worth a try!


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