Saturday, 26 November 2011

knitted headband!!

As you might know from one of my previous posts, this winter I really wanted a knitted headband... and since I got a terrible cold this past week, my sister was so kind to actually make me one! How sweet! here it is...

I love it, it's very practical and warmer than what I had expected it, the whool she chose is very soft and not itch at all! She took couple of evenings to do it, i'd say 4-6 hours! (amazing, I would not be able to di anything like that)!
Let me know what you think! what's you trend for this winter in terms of hats headbands & co?
Hope you'll have a fabtastic week-end!


Sunday, 20 November 2011

Face & outfit of the night

Last night I went to my sister's "sweet 18" birthday party and I tought I really wanted to show you all our outfits and make-up!

My sister(left) is wearing:

Face: Chanel Vitalumiere Acqua in the shade B40, Mac Select Moisturecover (shade gone missing) and a little bit of clinique airbrush concealer in the very corner of the eye, in the colour natural

Eyes: Fresh Minerals eyeshadow in the colour lunar pressed all over the lid, and a very fine line of ArtDeco liquid liner in balck, and a few individual fake eyelashes from Sephora on the outer corners.

Lips: Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet, in the colour 38

Cheeks: Nars deep throat blush

I have on:

Face: Diorskin Nude liquid foundation shade 22, (not a huge fan), clinique airbrush concealer colour natural

Eyes: Dior eyeshadw, it's a limited edition quad from last winter it has silvery colours in and I ran some silver under the bottom lashes as well, black liquid eyeliner ArtDeco and about 4 individual lashes on each eye

Cheeks: Bourjois blush in the colour 74 rose ambré

these were the outfits we wore, she's wearing a dress and belt from Massimo Rebecchi , my dress is Richmond and the shoes Roberto Festa Milano.

hope you had a great week end!


Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A bit of skincare

Finishing up products we own is a general good thing in my opinion because we can then really realize if we've loved the product we used or not really, and I call that the repurchase test! So here are some repurchases and some new buys!

1: Avene intolerant skin recovery cream, amazing!! I've discovered it when I was 17 and always repurchase! I use it when my skin feels dry or particularly red, it's really calming and reduces the redness. It's a water based moisturizer without oils, which is exactly what I need for my skin!
Then I finished the clinique mousse to wash the face, and I found it too drying especially now that's cold and windy, so I bought Ideka idrating face wash (2), it's actually an italian brand and I'm not sure id they sell it abroad, but aniways this product is fantastic! Has totally rebalances my skin, even though it does not claim to have any rebalancing properties.
3: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish I've been using it for the past year and I've gone through many bottles already! I use it at night as a make-up remover and I really enjoy that , it's supposed to be used with a muslin cloth and it gets rid of any tiny bit of make up!!
4: another repurchase, Clinique anti blemish solutions moisturiser, love love love the consistancy, texture and effectivness of this product.
5: since I've finished my chanel highlighting pen, I felt the need of a cheaper option so I decided to try clinique airbrush concealer, we'll see how that will work! (I'll do a proper post in a couple of weeks)
6: Sampleeeee!! I love samples! This is an age decelerating night cream from clinique and I think it's just what girls in the eraly/mid twenties need and should be using if they felt the need to prevent any wrincle to appear too soon!

hope you're having a great day!


Friday, 11 November 2011

CHANEL and more...

When times are tough, like these past few day have been, especially for Italy, I ask myself what can I do to help the economy...and the answer is : just shop! (I'm kidding!) but anyways as I was out the other day with my mom we ended up buying a few amazing makeup items and I immediately wanted to share!

First we got a foundation for my mom, Chanel Tient Innocence compact foundation, she didn't want a liquid one because she's always on the go so she preferres something easy to carry around and do touch ups during the day. I think this foundation suits mature ladies skin type very well because it has just the right amount of coverage and at the same time is dewy and illuminates the whole complexion. ( I am a fan myself of Tient Innocence but the liquid version!)

Then we got a Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet lipstick, in the colour 38, and it is is amazing! Really long lasting, comfortable on the lips, very pigmented....just fantastic!

Then (it was actually the highlight of my day) as we were waiting in line at a pharmacy to buy a bottle of out usual Avene make up remover, I spot the very top shelf the last bottle of Bioderma H2O Sensibio makeup remover!! (which seems to be the best and most gentle one on earth, loved by some of my favourite YouTube makeup gurus like Lisa Eldridge, the Pixiwoo sisters and Tanya Burr).

So since I very much trust their opinion I immediately bought it and I've got to say it actually is super gentle and non irritating! 

Well this post seems to be long enough I hope you're had a great week and are ready for an awesome weekend! :)


Tuesday, 8 November 2011

weak nails? no more

If you, like me, suffer from weak nail that chip and break and peal and split , you don't have to worry anymore! There's a quick and very effective solution! (that isn't even too expensive)
The answer to our hope is the Trind system!! 

The way it works is by combining a nail balm, a cuticle balm, and a nail repair polish that actually makes the nail harder and stronger. As they say on their web site: "Trind products make the nail stronger, without disturbing the balance between protein molecules and nail moisture. Our products are effective because they are based on the natural consistency of the nail." And I can guarantee it's true!! 

The way you're supposed to use it is: apply first the cuticle balm and push them down if you need, then use the nail balm and let it absorb for a couple of minutes, after that apply the nail repair just like a normal polish. For the first 10/15 days, you need to repeat the treatment daily, after that period of time your nails are already visibly stronger. In order to maintain the result you just need to reapply every week or week and a half.
Plus I find it and amazing base coat too! I've been using this system for the past three years and it has never let e down!

ps: remove the nail polish with a non acetone nail polish remover!

hope it was helpful!


Saturday, 5 November 2011

Autumn leaves

When autumn finally comes, and the sun sets every day earlier I get in the mood of decorating the house to make it more autumnal... here is one of my latest creations, I think it's perfect for thanksgiving as well!

I think it looks really good and it's really easy, all you need to do is go for a walk and pick up as many brunches as you need and then get creative and put them in a vase, and it's done! (sorry about the bad lighting in the pic!)


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

In and out


autumn, and big scarves!

nars deep throat blush

Art Deco black liquid eyeliner

angora whool dresses

headbands and especially Eugenia Kim Lula whool headband

pomegranates! yummyyyyyyyy! and very rich in vitamin C...


Uni, I don't get why I have to take tests every single friday for a exam, what are we? back in highschool?

Acne, just a few days in paris without all my usual skincare and I breake out like crazyyy!

Italy-Germany bund btp spread, let's just do something about it!

Lancome Doll eyes mascara, what a waste of money!

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