Tuesday, 15 November 2011

A bit of skincare

Finishing up products we own is a general good thing in my opinion because we can then really realize if we've loved the product we used or not really, and I call that the repurchase test! So here are some repurchases and some new buys!

1: Avene intolerant skin recovery cream, amazing!! I've discovered it when I was 17 and always repurchase! I use it when my skin feels dry or particularly red, it's really calming and reduces the redness. It's a water based moisturizer without oils, which is exactly what I need for my skin!
Then I finished the clinique mousse to wash the face, and I found it too drying especially now that's cold and windy, so I bought Ideka idrating face wash (2), it's actually an italian brand and I'm not sure id they sell it abroad, but aniways this product is fantastic! Has totally rebalances my skin, even though it does not claim to have any rebalancing properties.
3: Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish I've been using it for the past year and I've gone through many bottles already! I use it at night as a make-up remover and I really enjoy that , it's supposed to be used with a muslin cloth and it gets rid of any tiny bit of make up!!
4: another repurchase, Clinique anti blemish solutions moisturiser, love love love the consistancy, texture and effectivness of this product.
5: since I've finished my chanel highlighting pen, I felt the need of a cheaper option so I decided to try clinique airbrush concealer, we'll see how that will work! (I'll do a proper post in a couple of weeks)
6: Sampleeeee!! I love samples! This is an age decelerating night cream from clinique and I think it's just what girls in the eraly/mid twenties need and should be using if they felt the need to prevent any wrincle to appear too soon!

hope you're having a great day!


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