Monday, 28 May 2012

Favourite Spring nail polishes!

In the last two days the weather has finally started to be a bit nicer warmer and more like may and less like october, FINALLY! and with the sun out I like my nails to be painted with brighter and here are some of my favourites polished...

left to right we have:

- Cose di Donna liliac nailpolish, it's a really cheap polish that needs 3 coats to look it's best nut neautiful during this season the colour is very soft and even if my hands are absolutely white it looks fantastic!

-L'Oreal color riche in the shade 607 rue monmatre, a beautiful deep purple with a hint of blue in it, it's easy to apply and dries quickly without needing a top coat, looks very shiny and I like it for the evenings and the not so sunny days.

-Frontcover polishes... I really like this shade which apparentely had no name! It came in a nice set with 3 more polishes and four eye pencils, and all of the products are actually really good quality for the money.

-two Sephora nail polishes! I LOVE LOVE LOVE these polishes, they are the longest lasting polishes in the world the colour are amazing and I want to own every single shade! the only downside is that they kind of stain my nail yellow if I don't use a good base coat. The colour son't have a name or number, sorry.

There you have them my favourite spring nail polishes!

hope you enjoyed this post!


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