Wednesday, 8 August 2012

July in pictures

1. Drinking a Pimms while watching the italy-germany game 2. house sitting for my anty 3.patriotic nails for the euro 2012 4. body scrub! I've been obsessed with it lately! (review here) 5. huge grapefruit but so sweet 6. melting off at a friend's graduation! congrats! 7.lovely roses decoration 8. bright nails 9. little turtles from Cyprus 10. lovely hike up the beautiful Alps 11. dragon fruit, tastes just like figues 12 beautiful summer sunset 13. plumaria, reminds me of Hawaii so much! 14. diving... oh yes! 15 road trip (with flat tire) 15. black pearls ankle bracelet, I'm channeling my inner hippie ;)

July went by soo fast! hope your month was really nice...


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