Monday, 27 August 2012

Chanel Chance

I can't believe I'm attempting to write a post about parfume! We'll see how it goes, I think describing fragrances is one of the most difficult tasks ever, but these perfumes are definitely worth a nice blog post!

The perfumes in question are the three Chanel Chance, Eau fraiche, Eau Tendre. I have the sample size because whenever I go to Sephora they give me samples of these perfumes and I really enjoy these little easy to carry around parfumes, because I tend to just have one in my pencil case, one in my handbag and spritzing it on on the way to uni.

I'm not the biggest perfume lover in fact I rarely wear perfume because I easily get headakes if I keep on smelling scents on my skin... so whenever I feel like wearing a spriz or two of some sort of a scent it needs to be really light and fresh otherwise I'll just get sick of if. That's why Chanel Chance is right up my street, all thre of them are really nice and floral but the one I prefer is the Eau Fraiche, very light and gentle, I feel like I'm sitting in the middle of a field filled with flowers. I'd say this is more of a day time perfume and a good one for young girls that want to try perfumes for the first time.

I find Chanel Chance the most "lady like" very classic and very musky and a bit more "grown up", I love this perfume in the evenings, it has a bit more of an edge compared to the eau fraiche.

Chanel eau tendre is my least favourite but still something I reach for every once in a while, it smells really fresh and it's a bit too sweet for my likings, to me it smells like apples and I like this in the autumn when it's getting colder.

I don't know why but my taste in perfume changes with the season... is that normal? anyways check out this perfumes I'm sure you'll not be disappointed, I really think there's something for everyone in this range!


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