Saturday, 3 March 2012


I'm back! :) now that the worst month of my life is over I can go back to having a life and blogging!! I can't believe how much I've missed it! Here we go with one of my favourite type of posts "In&out".


-HAPPYNESS, this is the feeling pervading my last few days..

-Spring and nice weather!!! I’m really glad that the sun is shining again and flowers are blossoming...

-Starting a new semester, new teachers, new exams, new people, a new experience!

-Rouge Coco shine lipsticks, perfect for this time of the year! I just purchased my first one and it’s easy to wear on a daily basis, it blends beautifully on the lips and provides moisture to them as well! FANTASTIC!

-This new pink mania going around really got to me! I love pink eyeshadows, specially on brown eyes, and everything from blush to lipstick seems to have gone very pink this season… love it! (I’m on the lookout for some nice pink eyeshadows, hopefully I’ll fins some soon!)


-I still need to finish my exams even though the semester is over, but Tuesday will be the day I’ll free myself from all this stress!

-Not going to New York because of this stupid exam! I really don’t like teachers who can’t organize their schedule!

when I saw this picture on Fb I couldn't help laughing, that's soo me right now!
Hope you all had a fantastic febuary, and I'll see you soon in my next post!

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