Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Hervana by Benefit

A new blush from Benefit! This febuary Benefit launched a new blush: Hervana, a good karma blush. After trying it on at Sephora I knew it had to be mine! It's a very soft pink blush, not too mat not too sheer, I'd say a luminouse mat.

The packaging is really nice, it has a little mirror inside ad a magnet that keeps the lid closed. It comes with a little angled brush, which is really good for applying the product, it picks up just the right amount and the point of the brush allows you to be more precise about the "section" of the product you want to pick up.

The way it's designed inside allows you to decide how pink or peachy you like it to be, and how much shimmer to pick up.  It may seem like it has a lot of glitter in from the picture, but it does not, as I said before, it sheer not shimmery in any way!

I love the color of this blush, it's the exact colour I'd imagin an angel having on the cheeks! it wear beautifully on the skin, last a long time and the amount of product you get for €30 is pretty good. It' slightly scented but it does not clog pores on give me any type of skin problems. I adore this powder and totally recomment it, I think it's a product really worth having in you makeup collection!

hope this was helpful!


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