Sunday, 29 July 2012

What I have brought on holiday - makeup -

Since my last post wasn't really upbeat and anything makeup related, and this after all is a beauty blog here is my holiday makeup! As i'm in Cyprus it's bloody hot and HUMID, therefor what i have with me are just a few essential bits...

face wise:

-Guerlain Terracotta 4 seasons review here, a must have in the summertime because I don't tan very quickly and this helps giving that "sun-kissed" look everyone loves (at least I do...)

-MUFE HD Blush shade 6, in the summertime I find cream blushers to be up my street much more than powders and this bright pink shade just lifts up my face and gives it a really nice and put together finish.

-Estèe Lauder DayWear Plus multi protection tinted moisturizer, has an spf 15 in which is always good, even though I only use it in the evening because I swim a lot and snorkle and dive during the day so I find it would be a waste to use it during the day.

-Shiseido Accentuating Color Stick in the shade champagne flush which I like to use as an highlighter, I like to put it on the high point of my face to give it a bit of sheen, my favourite place to apply it are the bridge of the nose and above the brow bone the give it a bit of a lift!

On to the eyes:

As you can see I'm keeping it very simple on the eyes, as it's about 30° or more here I tend to get quite oily lids and normal eyeshadows would never last so I opted for this golden Shiseido hydro-powder shadow which is really sparkely and just gorgeous with a little bit of a tan, I mean gold simply sceams summer to me!
This product has been discontinued but I think they've re-launched them and they're now called shimmering cream eye color in the shade techno gold.

To define the lashline or to go for a full on cat-eyed look I brought along another Shiseido product, the accentuating cream eyliner, that I find to be the best out there! I've had it for three years and has not dried and it stays on like nothing else, this will always be my go to cream eyeliner ( I tried the maybelline lasting drama one but I find that it smudges and transfers ).

and now... LIPS!

I tend to keep it quite simple so I went for a pink toned (Revlon lip butter review here) and a more orange toned (Max Factor lipstic review here), and two glosses both by Chanel, one more red/berry colour which has no shimmer what so ever and is rather elegant and refined (too bad is discontinued) and the other Levres Scintillantes nude color for that extra bit of sparkle perfect for a summer night out!

here are some swatches...why does my arm always look so odd??

After this uber long post I shal wish you a good sunday and I hope I'll see you back soon!


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