Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Prepping legs for holiday

This is my secret (well...not so sectren anymore..) weapon for getting my legs ready for a nice holiday where I'll be showing them all the time is the Sea Solt Coconut Body Polish from Malie.

As I mentioned in previouse posts I really like to prep my skin for spring and summer through body brushing and moisturizing but I think scrubbing is one extra special treat I give my legs before a nice holiday and this my friends is the best scrub that has crossed my path so far. The sea solt in it does a brilliant job at exfoliating while the coconut oil acts a treat for moisturizing the skin leaving a nice soft oily (but in a good way) residue on the skin that sinks in in a few minutes nourishing the skin.

Malie is an organic brand developed on Kauai, HI that works with nature to provide us with the best quality ingredients to help our body and soul. I love the whole concept behing this brand and I thank my friend Tom soo much for sending this body polish all the way to Italy! If you live in the US you can buy their products online here. If I'll ever be lucky enough to go back to Hawaii I'll definitely buy a few bits from their range.

I tried to be concised and streight to the point, let me know if you're familiar with this brand and which things from them are your favourites and if you have a favourite body polish or scrub you could not live without!!


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