Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Cyprus a little disappoinment

Here I am! As I  promised I 'm reporting back from Cyprus and I will say si far it's been a nice holiday with one big BUT... and that is that this island is full of trash... I generally don't like to write badly about places I travel to (and usually I have nothing to complain about) but this time it's different and I'll now explain why. In the north of Cyprus there are a few beaches that are turtle nesting sites and the little turtles are starting their journey called life as I'm typing. On these beaches come both green and loggerhea turtles to lay their eggs, and as you all know they're both listed as endengered species and are heavily protected.

Now I will show you s few pictures and I'm sure you'll be as surprised as me in discovering that some idiots like to go drifting between the turtles nests and that the beaches are basically dumping ground and really dirty! 

this is a structure used to signal and protect the turtle nests

little turtles rescued by the biologists! (they were very kind to show me!)
biologists working on the nests checking for everything to be all right...

idiot stuck in the sand after a drifiting session!(according to the biologists is not really uncommon)

See? are you just as shocked ad I was to see this? I know most of this trash comes from the sea and not from people that actually leave it on the beach but still, Why don't the locals keep them clean? why don't they organise groups of volounteers that once a month take tha time to clean it and keep it clean? These beaches are such a valuable treasure for not only the inhabitants of Cyprus, but the hole Planet! I spoke to the volounteers that were working there and some of them were Italian, sone Spanish other English and even they were really bitter about the whole situation. Another question is why are'nt these beaches closed for cars?Well, I think I've made my point... and if you want to spread the word feel free!

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