Monday, 16 July 2012


I know I've been absent for a couple of weeks, but this july has been a nightmere and I needed time to get back to being my happy self and step away from all the sadness that has characterised this past few days, so thanks for still visiting my blog!


-summer storms, this month has been raining every single evening and every single night and I love to sllep with my window open listening to the sound of the rain and the thunders...

-eating my home grown cherry tomatoes and strawberries! thsi year my mum and I have organised the balcony so that we have tomatoes, strawberries, basil, mint and rosemary plants in the vases, I find it really satisfactory watching the little tomatoes I watered for quite some times turn from green to red and the little strawnerry flower evolve into tiny red fruits!

-getting ready to go on holyday! Hurray!! God knows how much I need it... I'll be in Cyprus for 10 days soaking up the sun and preparing for my september session of exams!! I can't wait to play pool, relax by the swimming pool, go snorkeling, eat plenty of fish and blog away ( aparently we'll have free wifi connection so I'll try to blog from there)


-nothing lasts forever...maybe...

-breaking out due to humidity, it's not fun at all! let's just jope this phase doesn't last very long, I have graduation parties to attend! ;)

hope you're all ahving a fantastic monday!



  1. home grown cherry tomatoes and cherries sound amazing! YUMMY!

    1. oh yes Sandra, trust me, they're so tasty! :)

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