Friday, 20 July 2012

What I'm taking on holiday with me -skincare-

As you might now.. tomorrow I'm going on holiday and I'm so excited, so I decided to do a blog post all about hte skincare bits and pieces that I'm taking with me!

Starting at the top I have two of my favourite sunscreens both L'Oreal Solar Expertise anti wrincle and anti dark spots sunscreen SPF 30 to start off and than 15 for when I'll be a bit more tanned. I really like these sunscreen because they do their job really nicely, they don't feel greasey and most importantely they don't break me out, which is a huse deal for me because I have combination and acne prone skin and a couple of years ago I became a walking pimple thanks to an awful sunscreen and ended up taking antibiotis and all that jazz and it wasn't fun at all! Plus I hate the idea of having acne marks on my face for the rest of my life so using sonething that I know specificly addresses that issue is a big plus in my book.

Moving on we have Liz Earle little sample sizes of their Brightening treatment mask,  Gentle Face exfoliator, Enirgising body scrub, which I all equally love and I hope I'll use them up while away and I believe I will repuchase the full size bottles of the brightening tretment mask because it's really unique and fast acting and I don't think I would find somethig quite similar here.

After that we have Avenè soothing moisture mask, Triacneal and their basic moisturiser which I've already talked about a few times and I really love it! The only product I'm not too sure about is the triacneal, I don't think it does much but I still want to use it up because it's quite pricy and maybe I'll like it eventually. 

Further right we have the Bionike defence sun sun lotion, low protection which I'll use in the evening when I'll try to tan a bit more but still in a safe way (my muym has all the higher factors in her suitcase so I'll also have a factor 50 and 30 with me)

Under that we have the well known ( where would I go without it?) Liz Earle Clense and Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser with the muslin cloth.

In the centre is a haircare product that I wanted to include because I bought it today for only 3.60€, and it's the Pantene 2 minutes intensive repair mask which I can't wait to try, I usually really like Pantene product therefor I have high hopes on this one.

I'm bringing along Caudalie beauty elixir and see if the smell will eventually grow on me.

And last but not least is my most exciting product: Clarins After sun moisturizer Self tanning. I bought this after reading and watching all the good things Vivianna from Vivianna does makeup had to say about it, and sice I tend to really like most of the things she likes I really hope this little product will make my tan come out more and last longer too (since my whole family gets really dark while when I come back home people ask me if i went on holiday with them or not...story of my life!)

and this is it!!! i'm sure I'll toss a few more things in my luggage before tomorrow but these are the main things! sorry if this post was a bit long (I was thinking about maybe filming a video on it??? we'll see..)

have a great weekend and holiday if you're going somewhere!


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