Sunday, 17 June 2012

Outfit of the night : "Night at the castle"

Friday night I went to a beautiful event organized in the Castello del Buonconsiglio in my home town and I loved the setting and the evening, here are some pictures that I really like.

here you can see the actual colour of the dress and clutch and shoes

I love how from the room where we had dinner you could just open the door and enter this amazing area where they keep these wine barrels, amazing! The room we dinet at is called sala Depero and the frescos there are fascinating!

Here is in detail what I wore:

-Calvin Klein Collection dress, I had it chsnged a little by a taylor (shortened the sleeves)
-Clutch is my mum's from when she was dating my dad and the brand is Bugatti, is part of the clutches they make years ago but I adore it! link
-Shoes are from E'Clat an italian brand that ) love, the quality of the material is absolutely brilliant and they're the most comfortable high heels in the world! they're old but here is the new version!
-Bracelet from Trollbeads, it's a present from a good friend of mine and I love it!

hope you all had a great week end!!


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