Saturday, 23 June 2012

Home made hair mask for shinier straighter healthier hair!

The only good thing about being secluded in my apartment studying fro finals is that I have the time to experiment with hair masks and face masks and all those things that require quite a long posing time!

So this week I'm been researcing and studying the different properties of different oils and how they help in case of dry hair that tends to go frizzy and has a lot of split ends (me me and me).

First of all I thought all oils were the same they would norish the hair and let it feeling softer and shinier, well I was wrong! There are many different oils that do very different things but my aim and goal was to find something that would live my hair feeling softer less dry and more sleek so I opted for two things I already ha home: Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Castor Oil.

-Extra virgin oilve oil: this oil has conditioning properties that make it the best oil for dry and damaged hair
-Castor oil : is ideal if you're looking for stronger and healthier hair with, its nourishing properties are well known and make it a really good choice even for weakened lashes or eyebrows. It's also very good for preventing the hair to breake easily and slit ends. On top of this all it also had balancing properties for the scalp

After estabilishing that these two were my oils I got started, first of all I wet my hair and towel dried it after that I mixed a table spoon of olive oil and a tea spoon of castor oil in a bow. As you'll se if you try this treatment castor oil is much thicker than olive oil and very dense so I popped the whole thing in the microwave at the lowed heat setting ad heated it up for 30s so that the ricin oil would become a bit more liquid and make the application easier and smoother.

I litterally dipped the ends of my hair in the little bowl and destributed the rest of the oil mix on the lenghts as evenly as possible, I let it on for 2/2.30 hours and than showered.

I will say it was quite a challenge to remove all the oils from my hair, I needed to shampoo twice, but soo worth it! I let my hair air dry and the difference was defiitely notable! my hai was a million thime less frizzy and all the split ends could not be spotted anymore! I'd give this little oils combo a 10! I'm planning on doing it once every two weeks (no more than that because otherwise you might get the opposite effect).

I highly recommend trying this hair mask and plese let me know if you do!!


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