Monday, 30 April 2012

Le Minis de Chanel

This has been a bit of a crazy impulsive purchase, but it was worth every penny! (considering the fact that I only have one MAC 217 that's really old and two freshmineral brushes equally old) I have been wanting this brush set for a really long time because I love short handles brushes that are easy to carry in my purse and pack for a trip.

The value for money I find is really good, in the set there are 6 mini brushes, one foundation brush, one contouring/angles powder brush, a pencil brush, an angles eyeshadow brush, an angled lipbrush and a brow/lash brush. The brushes themselves are just as big as the regular brushes, the only difference is in the shorter handle (I had the guy at the Chanel counter take out all the regular brushes and let me compare them). 

-Foundation brush

-Eyeshadow brushes

-Lip brush and brow/lashes brush

-Angled powder brush

I love all of the brushes, they're really soft and apply eyeshadow, or any powder product very nicely, they're the best brushes I've ever had and I can absolutely tell the difference in the final result from when I was using my old brushes and these!

Price wise I paid 80€, which for 6 brushes is not an awful lot, and if I think that the foundation brush is worth 40€ and the angles power brush just as much I think this is quite a good deal!

If you're unsure about these brushes because of the short handle don't be, because it's long enough to allow us to use and hold it comfortably, you won't even notice while using it that a part of the handle is missing. In the end I'm very happy with my purchase!

hope you all had a great week-end!


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