Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Crete snapshot

I'm back in Italy after a few amazing day spent on the beautiful Island of Crete. I had a really relaxed and enjoyable time there, stayed at one of the most beautiful hotels I've ever been to called Casa Delfino, and antique home in the historical centre of Chania that has a few suites and a fabiolus Spa where I had a Body detox massage that was heavenly! (I could go on and on talking about this Hotel but I'll stop here...) Hope you like these pics!

I wish I could just dive in this blue sea!

Port of Chania, with snow capped mointains in the backround!
see how happy I can be even at 8 am when I'm about to get a massage?

Pretty flowers...

even prettier flowers

ok I know...more flowers, but aren't they just so pretty?

look who we found? Santa on holiday!! 

breathless view of the south cost

how tiny are these olives? but they were delicious!

typical greek dipps
I wish every beach had pink sand!


Hope you all had a great easter weekend as well! :)

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