Friday, 28 October 2011

Short Paris snapshot

Here are some pictures I took on my long weekend in Paris, which was fantastic! We stayed there 4 nights , and we saw almost everything we wanted, and I got to do some very french shopping as well, I had the best time and totally suggest going even if you are on a budget!!(just don't ever order mineral water at restaurants!)

The Eiffel Tower (we were so lucky that we got a room whith the wiev on it)

Amazing french very buttery sweets !

Psyche Revived by Love's kiss, from Canova at the Louvre (free entrance for anyone who is a UE citizen and is under 26)

amazing onion soup! got to try it even if you don't like onions, it'll surprise you!

 Artis at Monmatre...

 love lockers at Pont des Arts.. (just like in Rome)

So happy I got myself some macarons at Laudree !! jummyyyyyyyy!

My lovely partners in crime during this short trip (and yes our friend broke his leg and was a nightmare to go aroung but we made it ;) )

Hope you found it helpful! just comment below if you'd like suggestions or anything!


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