Friday, 12 October 2012

Caudalie Vinoperfect enzymatic peel mask

Autumn has not quite kicked in yet but my skin is going through its usual "adjustin phase" when it starts to go all crazy and has oily days mixed with super oily days mixed with dry days in one word a mess, this year this phase has been going on for a bit longer than usual so I decided to add a new step to my skin care routine : a chemical exfoliator.

I'm always looking for better and deeper ways to exfoliate my skin without damaging it, I think it's worth saying that my skin is not particularly sensitive at the moment and that it gets congested really easily and I have a few pimples mainly on my chin.

The way I usually exfoliate is by using Avene gentle purifying scrub once a week (review here) and then I use a clay and aspirin mask, but I fel that it wasn't enough lately so after doing a bit of research I decided to trust Caudalie and try the Vinoperfect enzymatic peel which has papaya enzymes in and glycolic acid which effectively exfoliate the outer layers of the skin.

The concistency of this product is like a thick moisturiser, it comes out wite and remains wite on the face. I apply quite a generouse amount on the skin of my whole face and leave it on for about 20 minutes (even though they suggest leaving it on between 10 and 15 minutes). After that I remove it using a muslin cloth and I'm left with smooth and soft skin.

I am really pleased with this Caudalie product, it lived up to the expectations and made a significant difference in the way my skin feels. It's not the cheepest buy (24 euros for 50 ml ) but I think it's absolutely worth the money. I use it 2 or 3 times a week depending on how the skin is behaving.

I am curiouse to try the Origins papaya peel mask and compare the two because I expect them to be quite similar, have you tried both? do you have any preferences?


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