Thursday, 6 September 2012

In and out

This month has been quite full and intense! Whenever the Semptember exam session approaces I find myself more more in need to switch back from summer mode into "student/social girl" mode, ditching flip flops for actual shoes and bikinis for actual underwear... so here is what has been in and out this month:


-Sales shopping! I've bough a few very nice pieces and all 60% off, I was really pleased with my purchase and a post will features them soon!

-Rag and Bone ankle boots! I'm in love with this brand, and I like the fact that it's based in italy.

-Booking my trip to London! Can't wait to go to the UK!!

-Autumn... It feels so nice when summer transitions into autumn and the temperature drops and the leaves turn red... heart-warming!

-Discovering Paula's Choice skincare line... I've been reading a lot about it and I'm thinking about placing an order!

-Miu Miu handbag, I love love love this handbag... wish they did it in grey too!


-I have a huge out this month...KStewart, oh dear just leave her alone.. I don't care about her personal life... why does every tv show/website and thing that crosses my path have to have something to do with her? Oh lord...

-Waking up early! I'm starting an internship on monday and I'm trying to get up early to prepare put 6 is just way too early! I need my beauty rest...;)

that's it! hope your august was fantastic and filled with beautiful moments!


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