Wednesday, 21 September 2011

here comes clear skin!

School/ College/University is back, and so am I, and I could not be more excited about a this post! After a lifetime and a fortune spent in dermatologist treatment (including laser therapy) and tons of creams I found something that literally made my skin visibly clearer in a matter of days: Clinique anti-blemish solution 3 step system.
The way this system works is through cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing.

Step 1: Acne Solutions Cleansing Foam ,
Great for  removing dirt and excess oil that builds up during the day and clogs pores, it leaves my skin feeling squeaky clean and soft (not tight at all)
Step 2: Clarifying Lotion ,
is basically a medicated (salicylic acid) toner that exfoliates the skin, and contains oil absorbing powders to control shine. I love this toner, it tingles a bit but you can see right away how much brighter the skin looks after applying it.
Step 3: Clearing Moisturizer
This moisturizer contains Benzoyl Peroxide, that is very well known to be very effective against acne and breakouts. I love the smell of this moisturizer and the fact that has kind of a dewy finish.

Some days I might feel the need of some extra moisture, so I’ll put my Avenè moisturizer on after the third step.

Overall I adore these 3 products and I’m so happy I found them, so I won’t have to take Accutain during winter as I was supposed to, and enjoy my clear skin!

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